We´re two guys who teamed up at a hackaton to make a app over a weekend that turns your voice into music.

So here we are and we´re curious what you guys think and where you´d love to see the technology first…

We thought about a few possible routes we could take this whole thing…

BeatMatic: Party (for electro/rap)
The app to impress your firends at a party. Input a beat, tune it and get to a DJ mixing view to manipulate it live with vocals and fitting samples. 

BeatMatic: Jingle
Producing a beat with your voice and laying over drums, harmonies and vocals either on your own or sharing it with friends to do parts of the piece

BeatMatic Composer
Adding Composition features to Jingle to produce full-length tracks

BeatMatic: Battle
Helps you train how to beatbox, scores you and you can battle other players. Think Guitar Hero on the go.

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Working on the BPM detection…